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ICMR Emeritus Scientist

ICMR Emeritus Scientist


Scientists, who have retired or are about to retire and who hold/have held before their retirement, the posts of the status of a Professor/Associate Professor in a Medical College or of Director/Deputy Director, in a Institute of an All India Character or Scientists with comparable Scientific experience and achievements in an organization of the Council and have been actively engaged in biomedical research of a high standard shall be eligible for appointment as ICMR Emeritus Scientist (IES).

Request for grant of ICMR Emeritus Scientist (IES) may be made in the prescribed proforma. The detailed information about eligibility for IES and application form including other conditions for IES can be obtained from the office of the Director General (Personnel Section), Indian Council of Medical Research, Post Box.4911, New Delhi-110029 or available on ICMR website at www.icmr.nic.in.

The application can be submitted at any time and the Selection Committee meeting for award of IES will be held twice in a year i.e. January/July. Applications received during January - June will be considered in July and applications received during July-December will be considered in January.

The offer of IES will be valid for one year from the date of issue of sanction letter, or from the date of superannuation whichever is later, and if the IES does not join within a year, the offer will stand cancelled and withdrawn. If, IES accepts any other fellowship or assignment, honorarium or employment, his sanction will be deemed withdrawn. No lien will be allowed. The Scientist can apply again, if he wishes to pursue research at a later stage.

      1. The total number of IES shall normally not exceed 30 at any time. If considered necessary, this number can be increased with the prior approval of the Governing Council of ICMR.
      2. The duration of appointment of IES will ordinarily be for a period of two years in the first instance. Further extension upto a maximum period of three more years, one year at a time, may be granted in deserving cases depending on the programme of research work undertaken and on the recommendation of the Selection Committee till the age of 70 years is attained. The duration of appointment shall not exceed the upper age limit of 70 years or maximum tenure of Five (5) years or period of project (whichever is earlier).
      3. The programme should not be regarded as conferment of an academic distinction. Only really active working Scientists should be chosen as IES. The Selection should be based not only on the record of the Scientists but also on the intrinsic merit of the specific project, which he/she proposes to carry out.
      4. The research work should be carried out either in the Institute/Organization where the Scientist has actually worked and from where he/she retired, or in any Institute/Organization of his/her choice where necessary facilities exist.
      5. While forwarding the application, the Head of the Department and of the Institution where the research work is proposed to be carried out should give a certificate that laboratory and other facilities including all equipment essentially needed for the research project will be made available to the candidate in the event of his selection.
      6. There is need for complete co-ordination between the Head of the Department of the Institute and the IES particularly in view of the fact that total funds placed at the disposal of the IES will be extremely limited.
      7. The IES shall be paid an honorarium of Rs.60,000/- per month in addition to pension/provident fund that he/she may draw. The honorarium paid by the ICMR shall be liable to income tax.
      8. The IES will be given support of one staff(Project Assistant) and contingencies as may be considered necessary depending upon the merits of the research project and subject to a maximum contingent grant of Rs.1,00,000/- per annum. The contingent grant can be utilized for presenting papers at scientific conferences directly related to the research project of the IES.
      9. He/She will not be entitled to any perquisites of office such as residential accommodation, telephone, etc.
      10. Leave with honorarium will be admissible equivalent to earned leave as admissible to the ICMR’s employees. Leave without honorarium can be granted as admissible to temporary employees of the ICMR.
      11. The appointment of IES will be made on the recommendation of a Selection Committee constituted by Director-General, Indian Council of Medical Research.
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