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ICMR Chairs

Division of Human Resource Planning and Development ICMR Chairs for Sr. Retired Medical / Biomedical Teachers/ Scientists

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Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) invites applications/nominations for Dr. C. G. Pandit National Chairs and Chairs for Dr. A. S. Paintal Distinguished Scientists of ICMR. ICMR with its 26 state-of-the-art Institutes/Centers, is amongst the foremost research organizations in the field of biomedical sciences. Over the years, ICMR has helped in strengthening the scientific milieu of country by creating and nurturing talent in many disciplines including communicable and non communicable diseases, basic medical sciences, reproductive health including nutrition, human resource developments, etc. So far ICMR had a limited number of opportunities to utilize the services of senior eminent medical/biomedical researchers to serve as think tanks for the organization for strengthening and shaping up its research and human research agenda. On the lines of such Chairs/positions being available in various science/academic agencies, ICMR has modified and expanded its current programme. In view of this, two types of Chairs will be available.

Two type of Chairs

Dr. C. G. Pandit National Chairs

These Chairs will be now known as National Chairs in the name of Dr. C.G. Pandit, first Director of ICMR after independence, with the remuneration of `1.00 lakh per month & Contingency Grant of `7.50 lakhs per year per Chair. The contingency grant may be utilized for meeting of Secretarial Services/Travel (India & abroad)/Research Fellows & other expenses; and hiring of services of one Technical Assistant. The travel component should be related to the project submitted by the applicant. The duration of Dr. C.G. Pandit National Chair will be for five years (three years extendable by another two years after assessment of the progress and plans). Retired medically qualified persons are eligible for one Chair and retired Non-medical/Bio-medical/Professors/Bio-Medical Teachers are eligible for the other Chair. The persons should preferably be the fellows of all the National Science Academies. At a given point of time, only two such Chairs will exist.

Dr. A. S. Paintal Distinguished Scientist Chairs of ICMR

Dr. A.S. Paintal Distinguished Scientist Chairs will be open to retired scientists/medical teachers who may belong to Medical/Bio-medical/Life Sciences with the excellent track record in the field of medical application. Their area of contribution should be matched with the priority areas of ICMR. All the perks/ remuneration of Distinguish Scientist Chairs of ICMR will be at par with the existing Chairs of ICMR i.e. `1,00,000/- per month as a remuneration and 7.5 lakhs per year as a Contingency Grant. The contingency grant may be utilized for meeting of Secretarial Services/ to attend the International and National conference, seminar etc. (no additional grant for this purpose will be admissible)/ Research Fellows etc. It may be noted that the travel component should be related to the project submitted by the applicant. The duration of Chair will be for five years (three years extendable by another two years after assessment of the progress and plans). Their remuneration will be revised as per the M/o Human Resource Development, Govt. of India (National Research Professor) from time to time. Usually two Chairs will be established at one point of time; their number will not cross five at any given point of time.

General Conditions/Guidelines

  • All the applicants/ nominees are requested to submit their applications along with a programme targeting an ICMR priority area which is in line with national health priorities available on ICMR and Department of Health Research websites.

  • FIVE copies of applications/nominations may be submitted on a plain paper with essential details. 
  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Qualifications
  4. Research Experience which may be as a scientist/medical/biomedical teacher specially important projects carried out
  5. Awards - from Govt of India, State governments, national agencies like ICMR, DST, DBT, CSIR, DRDO, etc.
  6. Fellowships - Indian National Science Academy, National Academy of Sciences India, Indian Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Medical Sciences, others in this order
  7. Significant contributions in the field of Medical Sciences should be supported by list of publications and documentary evidence
  8. Research output after post superannuation
  9. Contributions/ inputs to National Health Programmes
  10. Programme (about 2-3 typed pages, up to 1500 words) that the applicant/nominee will like to carry out - inputs, activities and targeted outcome for first three years and then remaining two years if extended with clear plans of utilization of existing infrastructure and human resource of ICMR and or host institute as well as additional financial resources required to achieve proposed outcomes
  11. Any other detail that applicant/nominee may like to give in support of his candidature
  12. Proposed host institute with letter of commitment from head of the institute.

  • The applicants may themselves apply or may be nominated by any Distinguish Scientist/Professor of the country as per format given above. No private practice will be allowed during the fellowship period. However, Chairs may apply and get extramural grants in partnership with regular employees of host institutes as per norms of institutes and government for handling finances. Applicants/ nominees for both the Chairs should be preferably below 75 years.

  • All correspondence pertaining to ‘ICMR Chairs for Sr. Retired Medical/Biomedical Teachers/Scientists’ should be addressed to The Director General (Kind Attn: Dr. N. C. Jain, Scientist G & Head, HRD), Division of Human Resource Planning and Development, Indian Council of Medical Research, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029, E-mail: drencejain@gmail.com

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